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Types of Shower
The type of shower that will work best for you depends on your existing water supply system.
You will have either:
a low pressure or gravity fed system (most common)
a high pressure or unvented system often found in more recent systems
A low pressure system uses a standard boiler which is to heat the system water for heating and hot water, tank for cold water and a copper cylinder to store hot water.
A high pressure system is where the water is taken from the mains and hot water is stored in a high pressure water cylinder or mains pressure from a combination boiler.
There are three basic types of shower:
Electric Showers:
Electric Showers are independant of the existing hot water system so can be used in any home.
They are perhaps the most economical and heat the water as soon as you turn them on but they tend to have a lower flow rate than the other options. They can have problems in hard water areas with the build up of scale if you do not have a water softener.
Mixer Showers:
Mixer Showers take water from the hot and cold supplies and different versions are available for low and high pressure systems.
Power Showers:
Power Showers are similar to mixer showers but are fitted with a pump for better performance.