Electrical works undertaken


  • Rewires


All full rewires will comply with the BS7671 regulations and include new wiring and fittings, new consumer unit including MCBs and RCD. All relevant bonding to BS7671 regulations. A full estimate will be supplied with full IEE certificate on completion.



  • Domestic Faults



Lights faults

Sockets faults

Immersion heaters

Fuse board problems

Low voltage lights

Checks after flood

Fuses blown – tripping

RCD faults

New Installations:

New light fittings

Low voltage lighting

New shower circuits

New cooker circuits

Outside lights/sockets

Extra sockets

Wiring outside sheds/workshops

Kitchen rewires

Modernise consumer units (to include RCD and MCBs)

Update Earth Bonding

Test and Inspections

NICEIC Periodic Inspections

A full test on the supply of your home to BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations including fuse board, earthing arrangements, wiring, fixtures and fittings (i.e. lights, sockets, switches). Installation methods, loose connections etc.


The following tests are carried out:

Continuity of earth conductors

Continuity of ring final conductors


Installation resistance – to check for any arking or moisture between phase – phase earth

Earth loop impedance – to verify path of earth

RCD test to check tripping times and mA settings

The test involves testing circuits at the consumer unit and various points around the property and includes a visual inspection as well as an instrumental test.


The testers used are:

Voltage tester to measure Volts

Continuity tester to measure ohms

Insulation resistance to measure Mohms

Earth loop impendence tester to measure ohms

RCD tester to measure mS

Also the supplies characteristics are tested to ensure a good earth and path of fault current is present. These tests are called Ze and PSC (Prospective Short Circuit).


The NICEIC inspector who carries out this test enrols to the NICEIC and his work is checked yearly by the NICEIC to ensure he works to the BS7671 IEE Regulations.



  • Homebuyers


This check is very useful when buying a house to check if it requires any updating or rewiring prior to purchase. A visual inspection to verify whether the property has current earthing arrangements present and cables are PVC (not rubber/lead), that the consumer units have RCD protection for ground floor sockets (to provide facility for outside use) and has correct overload protection for circuits (i.e. lights 6A not 40A.).