High Efficiency Condensing Systems
Almost instantaneous hot water
Drinkable water at all taps
No tank in the roof space
No cylinder so more space
No airing cupboard so more space
Draw-off can be limited, as can flow rates
Delayed hot water in summer months with some models (not storage combis)
No airing cupboard for storage
No immersion heater so no back-up
Condensing Combis are the most effecient boiler type for gas central heating in Britain. They’ve been proven steadfast, reliable and tough and will save you money on your heating costs. Look out for the Sedbuk A rating. Some combis will settle snugly into an average cupboard. They can certainly produce an endless stream of hot water.

But, it has to be mentioned, that the flow can be limited if other taps are running simultaneously. That said, it provides almost instantaneous steaming hot water, literally on tap, whenever you need it.

They recover heat that is normally lost and feed it back into the system. Which means that the boiler will operate up to 96% efficiency. It’s acknowledged as environmentally friendly. It will save money longer term, though initially it is more expensive. Commonly known as a High Efficiency Boiler or Condensing Boiler.

There is no storage cylinder to heat first or to run cold and there are no tanks to find space for. So ask yourself if there is such a great demand for simultaneous hot water around your home. If the washing machine, bath and shower aren’t competing in every room, combi boilers really could be the perfect partner